Procurement of Duty Shoes for the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), Conference Centre - Addis Ababa

Tender Number : Tender

Tender Category : Office supplies & stationery
Opening date --
Closing date --- 2018-08-30


This notice is placed on behalf of UNECA. You are therefore requested to direct all your queries to United Nations Economic Commission for Africa using the e-mail address provided below:


Title of the EOI:


Procurement of Duty Shoes for the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), Conference Centre - Addis Ababa


Date of this EOI:

31 July 2018


Closing Date for Receipt of EOI:

30 August 2018


EOI Number:  



E-mail Address:



Address EOI response by fax for the Attention of:

Mr. Markos Nigussie/ Mrs. Aster Zewdea


Fax Number:

+251 115 511874







The United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia hereby seeks interested and qualified vendors to provide Different Items branded by UNECA Conference Center logo for the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), Conference Centre- Addis Ababa  as specified below:

     -  Type: 1.   UN branded Bluetooth Speaker


         Material: - ABS casing

         Finishing: - solid

         Battery: -   4ohm 3V, Built in Lithium battery (5V, 0.5A)

         Dimension: - 90 x 60mm

         Colour: - UN blue

         Packaging: - Individually packed in a box, with standard instruction manual

         Qty:  100

      -  Type 2.   UN branded Travel kit


         Consists of a universal travel mains adapter, a car charger and USB 2-in-1 cable with double micro and lightning connector

          Packaging: - mini bag closed with a zip

          Branding: - each item in the kit branded with UN logo using; cable = pad printing, mains adaptor = silk screen printing, and car charger = epoxy doming

          Material: - plastic

          Qty:  500

       -  Type 3.  UN branded leather USB flash drive


          leather silk-screen printed UN logo (blue colour) & text (black colour) on the front and reverse side

          A metal cover for the USB connector, with a leather flat that slip through a hoop like a belt.

          Flash memory Size: - 16GB

          Colour: - white

          Material: - genuine leather

          Qty:  800

       -  Type 4.  UN branded Touch Pen with Ball-Point Pen


           a high quality rubber touch stylus retractable with a self-return twist mechanism, with easy flow ink refill, with logo screen printed

           works for all touch screen devices

           Packaging: - packed in individual gift box

           Colour: - silver

           Material: - Durable silver anodised aluminium.

           Qty:  500

       -   Type 5. UN branded Multi Device Charging Cable 3 in 1


           3 in 1 multi device charging cable for iPhone, USB C connector for New Samsung models, Micro-           USB cable & USB cable.

           Packaging: - packed in individual gift box

           Colour: - white

           Qty:  400

       -   Type 6. UN branded Power Bank


            UN branded power bank with emergency light, with 3-in-1 cable micro mini USB (suitable for Samsung, iPhone, etc), dual USB port

            Packaging: - packed in individual gift box

            Capacity: - 12000mAh

            Colour: - white

            Material: - ABS

            Battery: - Lithium Battery

            Qty:  200

       -   Type  7. UN branded Umbrella


           A logo printed umbrella with automatic opening mechanism, fiberglass with lightning- resistant construction

           Handle: - Rubberised handle

           Packaging: - carrying case with shoulder strap

           Colour: - blue and white

           Size: -  64” arc

           Qty:  100

        -  Type 8. UN branded Sticky Note


            UN branded sticky note

            Colour: - white

            Size: -  A7

            Qty:  2000

         -  Type 9 UN branded Tumbler


            Branded tumbler with double wall construction for insulation of hot and cold liquids, non-skid rubber bottom, Snap on, spill resistant thumb slide lid with rubber gasket

            Keeps drinks hot or cold for 6 hours

            BPA free

            Packaging: - packed in individual gift box

            Colour: - UN blue

            Size: -  300 ml.

            Material: - Stainless Steel (outer and inner), powder coated finish

              Qty:  200

         -    Type 10. UN branded Tape Measure


               Branded pocket-sized round tape measures up to 200cm 

               Material: - tape metal and cover plastic

               Packaging: - packed in individual gift box

               Colour: - UN blue

               Qty:  100

          -    Type 11.  UN branded Tote


                Branded mini reusable tote, with stylish rope handles

                Material: - 80 GSM Polypropylene

                Size: - 40CM X35 CM X 15CM (HxWxB)

                Colour: - white

                Qty:  500

          -     Type 12. UN branded Bottle Opener


                 Branded circle shaped bottle opener, logo printed on both sides, stainless opener insert

                 Heavy duty magnet on back to store on refrigerator and other metal items

                 Material: - ABS plastic

                 Size: - 2 3/4" Dia x 1/6" D

                 Colour: - white

                 Qty:  500

            -    Type 13.     Branded Business card holder 

                  Specification: - Business card case engraved with UN logo at the centre.

                  material: genuine leather

                  size 4.3” L X 2.5” W X 0.3”H

                  packed in individual gift box.

                  Qty: - 100


Vendors who express their interest will be invited to participate in a tender through "Invitation to Bid" (ITB).  

Please note that the UNECA is precluded from entering into contract with a firm that is not fully registered with UNECA.  Those interested in responding to this invitation but not currently fully registered as vendors with UNECA, are encouraged to register before submission of the bid. 


Further details may be obtained by visiting https://www.ungm.org/Vendor/Registration. In order to be eligible for UN Registration, please make sure to declare in writing the Prerequisite for Eligibility criteria  itemized from A-E   as contained in  EOI instruction  attached.

Those interested should write to the above-mentioned e-mail address or fax number to submit their “Expression of Interest”  by the deadline of  30 August 2018.


Vendors interested in participating in the planned solicitation process should complete the Vendor Response Form (http://www.un.org/depts/ptd/pdf/eoi15047.pdf) of this EOI and fax it or email it to UNECA before the closing date set forth above.

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