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Training and BDS Providers for Young Graduates, University and TVET Students, Existing and New MSE owners and Operators


Tender Category : Consultancy and Financial Services
Opening date -- 2020-02-24
Closing date --- 2020-03-02

BRIDGES is a job creation programme funded by the MasterCard Foundation and implemented by First Consult PLC and DAI Europe. It envisages supporting the creation of close to 600,000 jobs for the youth (80% women) and 15,000 MSMEs, with 300,000 unemployed youth trained through supporting the Industrial Park job creation initiative and market linkage between Industrial Parks and MSMEs.

Under BRIDGES Programme, First Consult invites eligible consultants/consultancy firms to participate in a call for proposal for service providers to increase employment of young men and women through providing exceedingly tailored training and demand driven Business Development Support to unemployed nascent youth, university graduates, higher education & TVET students, micro and small enterprise (MSE) owners and operators.

The main objectives of this assignment are:

  1. To recruit and enroll topnotch university graduates in intensive and exceedingly tailored training programme in technical skills, knowledge and work ethics for eventual placement in various organizations.
  2. To provide entrepreneurial training and Business Development Services (BDS) to University and TVET students to enable them to see self-employment as a more viable option.
  • Recruit, train and coach unemployed nascent young entrepreneurs who have foundational idea of establishing business to enable them to look to self-employment as a more practical alternative; and
  1. Provide entrepreneurial skills trainings and BDS to Existing MSE owners and operators to enable them to run their enterprises competitively, grow and increase their employment creation potential.


Eligible candidates are required to fulfil the following requirements:

  • Understanding of the MSME sector,
  • Experience in providing training and BDS,
  • Experience and familiarity with challenges facing MSME’s growth potential,
  • Excellent analytical, technical and conceptual knowledge about management and grasp of business management principles and practices,
  • Experience in MSME support design and provision,
  • Ability to provide the required services will be assessed through submission of:
    • Company profile, if applicable, with relevance to required work.
    • References on previous similar assignments.

Details of the requirements for this call for proposal and eligibility criteria etc. can be found in the bid document.Interested and eligible bidders can get the ToR on

Any query or clarification regarding this call for proposalcan be sent via Etalem Engeda before March 02, 2020. While sending your request for clarification, please provide full contact details including name of name of the company, contact person, email and mobile number.

The due date for submission of proposals/ Bid to First Consult is on or before 5:00 pm (11:00 local time)March 02, 2020.

Please quote the title (Training and BDS Providers for Young Graduates, University and TVET Students, Existing and New MSE Owners and Operators) in the subject line of your email.


ADDRESS: EthioChina Road, KT12 Building, 6th Floor First Consult Office, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

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